address: Build. 2, 200/1, Stachki av., Rostov-on-Don, Russia, 344090
phone: +7 (863) 219-97-10
fax: +7 (863) 219-97-11


Doctor of Mathematical Science,
Lev A. Krukier

Vice-Director by Information-Computing Network
Cand. of Technical Science, Ass.Professor
Alexander A. Bukatov

Vice-Director by Information technologies
Doctor of Mathematical Science,
Galina V. Muratova

Vice-Director by Academic Affairs
Cand. of Technical Science,
Svetlana A. Lazareva

Deputy Director
Larisa I. Ivakhnenko

Scientific Secretary
Cand. of Mathematical Science,
Irina N. Shabas

Departments & Laboratories

  • Department of Networks
    (headed by O.V.Sharoiko, phone: +7 (863) 219-97-27)
  • High-Perfomance Computer Center
    (headed by V.N. Datsyuk, phone: +7 (863) 219-97-33)
  • Laboratory of Computational Experiments on Super Computers
    (headed by A.L.Chikin, phone: +7 (863) 219-97-34)
  • Department of New Information Technologies
    (headed by G.V.Muratova, phone: +7 (863) 219-97-32)
  • Multimedia Laboratory
    (headed by T.A.Usacheva, phone: +7 (863) 219-97-32)
  • Department of PC Technical Exploitation
    (headed by V.O.Zalesky, phone: +7 (863) 219-97-30)

Main areas of research

  • Mathematical simulations for complex scientific and technological projects and problems, development and application of packages of applied programs
  • Mathematical simulation of hydrophysical problems in basius
  • Parallellizing algorithms and programs
  • Iterative methods for nonsymmetric linear equation systems
  • Software for parallel supercomputers
  • Software for databases
  • Development of computer-aided installations and packages of academic courses
  • Methods of creating and accompanying complex information systems of management
  • Development of complex information systems for management
  • Advancement of the regional computer network, connected with the Internet via communication satilite
  • Hardware and software, technical maintenance of computer networks